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Who We Are

Founded in 1906, the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (CTHS) was incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act as the official registry of Thoroughbred horses in Canada.

The CTHS (Manitoba Division) and its membership are a major part of the agriculture community in Manitoba - our goal is to ensure a viable future for our members by providing assistance and developing programs to ensure that future.

Our mandate is to promote the purchase of Manitoba Thoroughbreds, keep records, organize sales, disseminate information, compile statistics and assist our membership with registration.

The Objectives and Purposes of the CTHS are:

  • To assist and afford a means for the promotion of the interests of those engaged in the breeding of Thoroughbreds, to protect its members against unbusinesslike methods, to disseminate information for its members and others, and to secure uniformity in usage and business conditions.
  • To satisfy the demands for racing stock within the province by encouraging more people to participate in the breeding industry
  • To encourage those in the breeding industry to upgrade their facilities and management of stock.
  • To establish the credibility of horses foaled in Manitoba on the International market.
  • To sponsor, assist and conduct sales of Thoroughbred stock.
  • To compile statistics of the industry

All of the above roles are for the purpose of encouraging the ownership and breeding of Thoroughbreds in Canada.

The CTHS is managed by a Board of Directors elected by members to represent six regions across Canada. Each region is also managed by a Board of Directors.

Both National and Regional boards are subdivided into several committees. An executive committee - made up of the President, 1st Vice President they are responsible for specific matters as delegated by the Board.

Other committees set up by the elected Board are a Finance Committee, Sales Committee, Thoroughbred Improvement Program Committee etc.

Benefits of Membership

The CTHS aims to ensure a viable future for its members by providing assistance and representation within the Thoroughbred Breeding Industry.

Becoming a member of the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society brings with it the many programs offered to Manitoba breds as well as a one-year subscription to the Canadian Thoroughbred, sales catalogues and other information.

Benefits of registering foals as Canadian-Breds will allow for entry into restricted stakes, breeders & owners supplements, stallion bonuses, and numerous other programs.

Board Members


Pat Wallace


Darin Bouchard


National Directors

Pat Wallace

Board of Directors

Wayne Anderson Frank Johnson

Bill Bochinski

Bill Drew

Ed Pawluk

Valarie Ferguson

Stephanie Swerdyliak

Charles Fouillard

Cam Ziprick



General Manager

Jill Withers


Manitoba-bred Incentive Program

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Manitoba Stallion List

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CTHS Annual Yearling Sale
August 11, 2019 at 2:30 pm
Red River Exhibition Grounds

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